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Wholesale self-stick Chinese Traditional Mini Moxa stick can be used for mild moxibustion

Wholesale self-stick Chinese Traditional Mini Moxa stick can be used for mild moxibustion

Features: *Moxibustion is a traditional and natural therapy, which made from natural and pure material, less side-effect.
*Significant effect. It is good for our body, can stimulate the acupuncture points to promote blood circulation and make you feel relaxed.
*Can be used in beauty salons, healthy and safety.
*Item Condition:100% Brand New *Material:Moxa *Color: As Pictures Show *
Size:As the picture show
1.First, take out the moxibustion, light the moxa cone and tear the adhesive paper. 2.Next, stick it on the needed acupoint and moxibustion therapy starts.
3.Then, wait for the moxa cone come to the end.
4.Last, please pay attention, it is normal if there are some spots or water beads appearing on your body. Attention:
1.After moxibustion, within half an hour please Do Not touch cold water, do not wash or bathe.
2.After moxibustion, please drink large amounts of warm water than usual (definitely not to drink cold water or ice), which can help to excrete toxins from the body organs. 3.Within an hour after having meal, please do not doing moxibustion.
4.Prohibition: those people whose pulse is more than 90 times per minute, hunger, stuffed, and drunken should be forbidden to do moxibustion. 
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