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Natural Skin Tightening and Depuffing Tool with Silicone Molder Face and Eyes Massager Ice Roller

Natural Skin Tightening and Depuffing Tool with Silicone Molder Face and Eyes Massager Ice Roller

* 【TWO IN ONE Second Generation New Upgrade Ice Mold for Facial】This ice roller has two highly polished alloy rolling beads that can massage your face, reduce wrinkles, and be even more helpful in promoting blood flow and tightening your skin. When you buy this ice face roller, it's like getting two uses (alloy face roller + ice roller). You will experience a different level of comfort if you simultaneously roll beads and apply ice to your face.
* 【It Should Be Added to Your Skin Care Tools】Face Ice Roller cold compresses can help to relieve under-eye bags and dark circles, constrict pores, improve skin tone, and intervene with skin engineering. Suggestions for all skin types.
* 【When You Accidentally Get Hurt, Try It】 For trauma, sprain, local bruising and swelling phenomenon, ice should be applied within 24 hours. Since ice can cause local vasoconstriction, lessen bleeding, and offer a strong guarantee for later local bruise absorption, In order to lessen pain and relieve the patient's pain, ice can also numb the nerves. Additionally, this ice mold is appropriate for actual cooling.
* 【Food-grade Materials, No Worries】The silicone and food-grade PP used to create this Ice face roller are safe, highly
transparent, heat-resistant, non-toxic, non-sticky, odorless, and Nitrosamine-free. Reusable and robust.
* 【You Can Also Try Putting in Milk, Juice or Plants! 】 To create different efficacy, you can add coconut milk, rose flower
water, chamomile tea, aloe vera, and other ingredients.
* 【Warm Tip】Don't overfill the water, once the container is frozen, rinse the outside with tap water for approximately 15 seconds before using it. After the Ice Cube Roller has sat for approximately 5 minutes, the silicone lid should be simple to open.
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