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Laser Acu-Cupping

Laser Acu-Cupping

Still use acupuncture with needle?
Cupping with fire?
Or never have a try?


Laser Acu-cupping, 3 in 1.
laser acupuncture+cupping+magnetotherapy
No pains & no fire.
Complicated Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
and Cupping to be so simple that everyone can
master it.
Maybe you want to have a try.



Structure of Laser Acu-cupping
 1.Negative Pressure Balloon
 2.Laser Module
 3.Magnetic Ring
 4.Cupping cup

Disassembly is easy.
Take down the cupping cup.
Turn the laser module to right or left and pull it out.
Take down the battery.

Setting up is easy.

Put the battery in the laser module.
Red mark to red mark, push the laser module into the balloon and turn it to right or left.
Choose the proper cupping cup, push it up to the laser module.
Operation is easy.
Laser acupuncture just need A SCREW.
Cupping just need A PRESS.


The pressure is not enough? Don’t move it. Press

the balloon one more time. It will be firmly attched
on the skin.


Laser Acu-cupping is widely used in pain relief,nervous and endocrine regulation, e.g. neck,
back and arthrosis pain, slimming, etc.

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