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HACI Suction Cupping Set - 12 Cups

HACI Suction Cupping Set - 12 Cups


If you think of massage as a positive pressure (pressing in on body tissues), Massage Suction Cupping is a negative pressure, pulling body tissues out and away to stimulate them with a reverse massage. These HACI Suction Cupping sets use individual squeeze bulbs to create the partial vacuum inside the cup. Each equipped with a magnet. Suction Cupping produces the effects of traditional cupping methods and eliminates some of the disadvantages.


For Cupping:
1. For best results, put a small amount of cupping cream, body lotion, or any gel, which helps to give a better seal, on the acupoint.

2. Squeeze the bulb and put the suction cup on the acupoint or sensitive areas, on skin, then release bulb to desired pressure.

3. The cup should have enough pressure to stay on the point; if it slips off, squeeze bulb more or use more lotion.

4. Lying down or sitting with cups positioned on points for 15minutes is recommended. You may do cupping once or twice daily.

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