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Foam Under wrap Athletic Foam Tape Sports Pre Wrap Athletic Tape for Ankles Wrists Hands and Knees

Foam Under wrap Athletic Foam Tape Sports Pre Wrap Athletic Tape for Ankles Wrists Hands and Knees

* Sweatproof and breathable: the sport tape is made of foam, which has strong scalability that allow you to adjust the tightness and don't break easily; The pre warp tape is comfortable and breathable, has nice absorption effect, with the pre wrap tape under the adhesive bandage, you don't need to worry about that the adhesive bandage can not paste on the skin with sweat when exercising
* Convenient to use: the foam sport tape is a nice protector for skin, convenient to use, just wrap the underwrap on your
bandaging position, then use your own sport tape paste on it, which can avoid the adhesive bandage to your skin directly, help reduce skin irritation
* Nice combination with adhesive bandage: the sport underwrap is non-adhesive, use the underwrap under the adhesive bandage can secure the adhesive bandage and protect your hair from being cut off
* Wide application: the underwrap tape can be applied with the adhesive bandage for protect people's ankles, wrist and knees for fitness, basketball, soccer, cycling, hiking and more; Also can be applied as racket cushioning tape for badminton, tennis and so on; And can make effective hair bands for sports
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