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Electronic Pen Acupuncture Therapy instrument 68A

Electronic Pen Acupuncture Therapy instrument 68A

Voltage range of 110V - 240V, worldwide use.
Traditional Chinese acupuncture, which is the procedure of inserting and manipulating filiform needles into various points on the body to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes. This technology origins from China but should manipulated by the skilled doctor and the patient should bear pain when enjoying the treatment. however, now our new product which bring in overseas technology and combined with traditional chinese acupuncture technology, far away from the pain from the  the help of the doctor, let you enjoy the treatment at every time and everywhere by yourself.

1.Electrode sheet -- the pads could produce temperature by the degree of 45-55, which will make the treatment more effectively to ease fatigue and cure peripheral nerve injury and paralysis. It will help you to release nitric oxide,and then relax blood vessels to prevent the block-up of blood clots.

2.Acupoint locating find the acupoint not only hand but also on your body.

3.Acupoint detector check the acupoint on your palm to diagnosis health condition,if the number on the right side shows 0-16,it means that you are in healthy condition;If it shows 17-49,it is sub-healthy condition;If it shows above 50,it means there may be sickness in your body.

4.Cure five modes of massage frequency like Hammering\Acupuncture\Cupping, Scraping, Massage, and also the mode of integrated prescription for reducing blood pressure, neck, waist and leg.

Suitable for various acute and chronic diseases,assistant treatment for arthritis,periarthritis,muscle pain,and soreness of parts like neck,shoulder,loin,leg and so on.
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Full set of English User Manual is offered.

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