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New Type Fire-free RIBON GLASS CUPPING with a pump Glass Cupping Set

New Type Fire-free RIBON GLASS CUPPING with a pump Glass Cupping Set

The earliest cupping were made of glass and sucked in by using fire. It required the right technique and experience.
Our RIBON GLASS CUPPING CUPS are also glass, but they do not use fire . Therefore, they allow you to perform a treatment with the same effect, while being very safe and easy to use. They will work perfectly at home - both due to illness and as a preventive measure.
The set includes 12 glass medical cupping and a pump.
RIBON GLASS CUPPING CUPS are used to naturally increase the body's resistance to various diseases. They soothe the symptoms of colds and flu , help eliminate migraine pains. Skilfully used, they relax the muscles and allow you to relax.
RIBON GLASS CUPPING CUPS are easy to handle ; true to their name, they do not need the use of fire. Their healing properties are achieved by sucking air with a special pump , which is included in the set.
Colds, infections, pharyngitis, flu, angina;
Muscle, menstrual and migraine pain;
Joint problems;
Neuralgia, stress, tension;
Pulmonary ailments;
Problems with blood supply;
and many more...


Thanks to the pump that is included in the set, using RIBON GLASS CUPPING CUPS is as easy as never before.
Putting RIBON GLASS CUPPING increases the body's immunity, which translates into better dealing with diseases and inflammatory foci.
The principle of operation of RIBON GLASS CUPPING is related to the effect of skin suction - thanks to which blood and body fluids begin to flow faster, and the body is easier to cleanse itself of toxins.
* Height: 5.8cm (58mm)
* Outer Diameter: 3.7cm (37mm)
* Inner Diameter: 2.7cm (27mm)
FIRE-FREE - RIBON GLASS CUPPING are much safer than classic ones, and at the same time they are easy to use . Instead of using fire to create a vacuum, it is created by the pump that comes with our kit.
UNIVERSAL - cupping can be used in connection with many problems: with colds and respiratory diseases, also in the treatment of pain or internal disorders. In addition, they soothe inflammation and stimulate the immune system .
IDEAL FOR RELAXING - although the health aspect of RIBON GLASS CUPPING is their significant advantage, you should not forget that fire-free glass cupping relax and relieve stress.
12 CUPPING CUPS - the set includes as many as 12 pieces of Cupping , which will allow you to adjust them individually depending on your needs.
Cupping cups are used individually, with particular attention to the needs of the user. You can find many different methods and instructions on the internet. Below is a universal solution, perfect for a good start.
Preparation for the cupping massage:
First of all, the skin should be dry and clean. Then, cover the surface of the area being massaged with massage oil to obtain the desired glide.
Body massage:
Place the RIBON GLASS CUPPING on the skin and with a skillful movement, suck it using the pump that is included in the set.
Finally, grab the bubble and pry with your finger to remove it painlessly from the body. When we are hypersensitive to massage, it is recommended to prepare a given area of the body by a few minutes of manual massage.
How often do you massage your body with cupping and what should you be careful about?
Massage is recommended as needed. Care should be taken to exclude areas such as the inside of the arms and thighs from the massage. It is associated with the high sensitivity of these body parts and the possibility of extensive hematomas.
Fragrance and essential oils that are in our offer will be a very good addition to bubble massage. They will allow you to get additional relaxation and pleasure.
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