What is the role of acupuncture You must know the five advantages of acupuncture

We should be familiar with acupuncture. This is a very effective treatment, health care and health care method. Through acupuncture in our life, we can help us treat a variety of diseases. Let us take a look at the role of acupuncture. What are the advantages of acupuncture?
What is the role of acupuncture?

1.dredge the meridian
It can make the meridian of the obstruction smooth and play its normal physiological role, and it is the basic direct treatment of acupuncture. Meridian is "inside the organs, external organs in the limbs", running blood is one of its main physiological functions. The meridian does not work, the blood and blood are blocked, and the clinical manifestations are pain, numbness, swelling, and ecchymoses. Acupuncture and moxibustion select the corresponding acupoints and acupuncture techniques and triangular needle puncture bleeding to make the meridians smooth, and the blood and blood run normally.
2.reconcile yin
It can transform the body from the state of yin and yang imbalance to the equilibrium state, which is the ultimate goal of acupuncture treatment. The mechanism by which the disease occurs is complex, but can be summarized as a yin and yang imbalance. The role of acupuncture in regulating yin and yang is accomplished through the yin and yang properties of the meridians, the compatibility of acupoints and acupuncture.
3, righting up evil
Can help the body to upright and drive away evil. The process of the occurrence and development of the disease and the outcome of the disease is essentially a process of confrontation between the right and the evil. Acupuncture treatment is to play its role in strengthening the right and wrong.
Advantages of acupuncture
Acupuncture is a good way to treat diseases. What are the advantages of acupuncture treatment?
In the clinical practice, acupuncture therapy diagnoses the cause according to the diagnosis and treatment method of Chinese medicine, finds the key to the disease, and distinguishes the nature of the disease. Then carry out the corresponding prescription of the acupoint for treatment. In order to pass the veins, regulate the qi and blood, so that the yin and yang are attributed to the relative balance, so that the function of the viscera tends to be reconciled, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.
First, there are a wide range of indications, which can be used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases such as internal, external, women, children, and facial features.
Second, the effect of treating diseases is relatively rapid and remarkable, especially with good excitatory bodily functions, improving disease resistance, calming and analgesic effects.
Third, the operation method is simple and easy.
Fourth, the medical expenses economy.
Fifth, no or very few side effects, basically safe and reliable, and can be combined with other therapies for comprehensive treatment. These are also the reasons why it has always been welcomed by the people.
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