Do you know which types of electroacupuncture instruments are there

Electro-needle type
   Although there are many types of electroacupuncture instruments currently used in clinical practice, there are mainly the following types in principle:
  1. Buzzer type electro-acupuncture instrument is a kind of electric bell oscillation principle, which converts direct current into pulse current. This pulse current waveform is narrow, such as a needle tip, and is asymmetrical. Due to the large power consumption and noise, it is rarely used now.
  2. The buck-type AC electro-acupuncture instrument is a kind of general commercial AC power supply. The voltage is reduced to below 25V by the transformer, and then the output is regulated by the resistor and the potentiometer to obtain the appropriate stimulation intensity. Since the frequency is not adjustable, it is rarely used now.
  3. Audio Oscillating Electro-Needle Instrument is a kind of sine wave electro-acoustic instrument with adjustable frequency in the range of 20-200Hz. Although the frequency and output intensity are adjustable, the waveform is simple and the curative effect is poor. This type of electro-acupuncture instrument is currently rarely used.
  4. Transistor noise type electro-acupuncture instrument The power supply of this electro-acupuncture instrument is DC 6V, the noise frequency is 15000-20000Hz, the modulation frequency is 3-30Hz, and the output voltage is 0-50V. E1332 electroacupuncture instrument is of this type, mainly suitable for acupuncture and analgesic treatment.
5. Acoustic electro-acupuncture instrument is a kind of sound source generated by the sound wave generator, such as music, drama, song, radio and other sound waves input to the electro-acupuncture instrument, and the output is connected with the acupuncture piercing the acupuncture point through the wire, thereby creating a complicated The uneven composite electric wave stimulation is not easy to cause the adaptability of the human body, so that its effect is not attenuated when treated for a long time. Because there is no strong fundamental interference, the stimulation is more comfortable for patients. Acoustic current is better than general pulse wave analgesia.
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